Sian Stammers has been working with young people in Kirkby to document and research the natural and industrial history of Sherwood Forest around their locality. See below for documentation of their activities.

Sunset over Sutton

March 16, 2017

I took this photo of the sunset because i thought it looked mysterious. It’s looking out from my bedroom window west through the houses into the horizon. It’s looking over the industry buildings on the edge of where the ancient Sherwood forest used to be. I like it because there is many diffrent colours put […]

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Plane tracks and clouds

I took this picture because i thought it looked striking as it looks like a skull and cross bones as it blended with the sky. It makes me feel happy because its suprising that one plane can leave its mark and many people can see it and dream about days like it. It looks asif […]

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edge of the forest as kirkby lights shine

I’ve grown up on this park (Portland Park).  I’ve been there so many times.  But there’s places here I haven’t even seen before, adn it makes you think what else you’ve missed.  There’s loads of history behind it – you wouldn’t think when you see it.  You’d think it’s just a park.  We did more […]

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A Curved Path

March 2, 2017

This path is interesting because it isn’t a straight path – it curves.  Paths are shortcuts to get through the Forest.  In medieval times people would have to use these paths to get to places where they had to be.  They had to create their own ways.  Ordinary people would have to walk to get […]

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Pylons look spooky

The pylon in this photo looks dark and spooky …  you can’t see much in it.  You see this girl just standing there … se looks as if she’s scared.  You wonder what she’s doing there.  It looks like it might come from a film – like when in a film – you watch something […]

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Portland Place

Portland Place is mostly wasteland but there’s a bit of a cafe on it.  Most teenagers go there with their friends or sledging in the winter. Its a place that can be anything you want it to be… when we went taking our pictures it was just becoming twilight and you got the feeling on […]

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First post from Kirkby group for the project

A few months ago a group from Ashwood Centre’s youth drop-in took some great photos at dusk of some treelined wasteland in Kirkby.  Kirkby was on the very edge of the ancient borders of Sherwood Forest – so this space could well be a remnant of the lost forest!  They used different cameras – some […]

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