Day: March 16, 2017

Sunset over Sutton

March 16, 2017

I took this photo of the sunset because i thought it looked mysterious. It’s looking out from my bedroom window west through the houses into the horizon. It’s looking over the industry buildings on the edge of where the ancient Sherwood forest used to be. I like it because there is many diffrent colours put […]

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Plane tracks and clouds

I took this picture because i thought it looked striking as it looks like a skull and cross bones as it blended with the sky. It makes me feel happy because its suprising that one plane can leave its mark and many people can see it and dream about days like it. It looks asif […]

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edge of the forest as kirkby lights shine

I’ve grown up on this park (Portland Park).  I’ve been there so many times.  But there’s places here I haven’t even seen before, adn it makes you think what else you’ve missed.  There’s loads of history behind it – you wouldn’t think when you see it.  You’d think it’s just a park.  We did more […]

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